Activation of the SOTA summit – SP/KA-002 – Wielki Szyszak – 11/08/2019

Andrzej SP5DDF and Mirek SP5GNI on Sunday 11 August 2019 activated the SOTA SP/KA-002 Wielki Szyszak peak in the Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) under the callsign HF5L/p.

Wielki Szyszak peak (in Czech Vysoké Kolo, in German Hohe Rand, Hohe Rad or Hohes Rad) with a height of 1509 m a.s.l. is the fourth highest peak in the entire Sudetes, and the second highest in the Polish Karkonosze, located in the western part of the Silesian Ridge. As the only one in the Karkonosze it is currently included in SOTA.

We took with us a QRP FT-817 radio with an external 8 Ah battery and a dipole for the 7 MHz band. The ascent to Wielki Szyszak from Piechowice turned out to be longer and more difficult than expected, so we started work only after 1pm at a frequency of about 7150 kHz. We established 24 contacts, but only with foreign stations, because there was no propagation to the SP area at 40m during these few hours of presence at the summit. After shortening the dipole we called CQ on the 20m band, but only one station from Finland responded. Thank you Zbyszek SP5JSZ for spotting!

Andrzej SP5DDF, Mirek SP5GNI

Początek wspinaczki łatwy i przyjemny
The beginning of climbing is easy and pleasant
To jeszcze tak daleko?
Is it still that far?







Ale góra! Jak na nią się wchodzi?
What a mountain! How do you get on it?
The peak is finally seen.







Andrzej SP5DDF on the right path
Już blisko!
It’s close!







Ruiny pomnika jako maszt antenowy
The ruins of a monument as the antenna mast
Dipol na 40m w pełnej okazałości
Dipol at 40m in full glory







Pora na instalację sprzętu
It’s time to install the equipment
Mirek pracuje - twardo i wietrznie!
Mirek works – hard and windy!







Nasz sprzęt w akcji
Our rig in action
Andrzej nadaje na 40 metrach
Andrzej transmits on 40 meters







...a teraz po skróceniu dipola na 20 metrach
… and now after shortening the dipole at 20 m
Zapierający dech widok na Kotlinę Jeleniogórską
A breathtaking view of the Jeleniogórska Valley







W dali widać Śnieżkę
In the distance you can see Śnieżka peak
W tle nadajniki TV Śnieżne Kotły
In the background the TV transmitters  Śnieżne Kotły







Na 20m prawie nikt nas nie słyszał
At 20m, almost no one can hear us
Powrót też nie był łatwy! Pożegnalny widok poprzez Śnieżne Kotły na Wielki Szyszak
Return was not easy either! A farewell view through the Śnieżne Kotły to Wielki Szyszak

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