ICOM IC-705 SDR – A new toy for trips

ICOM IC-705 SDR - A new toy for tripsIcom has presented at HamFair, taking place at the Ariake international exhibition center on the artificial island Odaiba in Tokyo from August 31 – September 1, 2019, a new compact portable QRP IC-705 transceiver, working with the use of SDR technology.

Main Features:

  • TX Bands: HF, 50 MHz, 144 MHz, 430 MHz plus 70 MHz for European Version,
  • RX: Continuous from HF to 2 meters, including Airband and FM Broadcast,
  • Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, D-Star DV,
  • RF Direct Sampling System up to 25 MHz,
  • Down conversion IF sampling method for 25MHz and above,
  • Real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display,
  • 4.3 inch Touch Screen Display,
  • Compact Size 20cm (7.9 Inch) x 8cm (3.1 Inch) x 8,5cm (3.3 Inch), Wight 1 Kg,
  • Li-ion BP-272 Battery Pack,
  • Output Power: 5 W (Battery) – 10 W (13.8 V DC),
  • Bluetooth and Wireless LAN for mobile device Remote Control,
  • GPS: Antenna and Logger, to be used in D-Star DV Mode,
  • MicroSD Card Slot for firmware upgrades, voice recording, GPS Log,
  • D-Star: full functions, save and display pictures,
  • Antenna: VHF UHF Whip antenna included,
  • SP Mic: with programmable buttons, included,
  • Backpack: multi-function, optional.

ICOM IC-705 SDR - A new toy for tripsVideo: Introducing the IC-705 VHF, UHF, HF, D-Star all-mode 10W QRP portable SDR transceiver

Currently presented ICOM IC-705 is just a prototype. IC-705 availability date and price is not yet known.

We can’t wait to take IC-705 with Mirek SP5GNI for the next trip to the mountains for SOTA!

Info from: DX Zone

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  • Sure! Especially if you buy it, Andrzej
    I am from the Yaesu option, I will wait for their answer …

    PS. In the leaflet I found that “Down-conversion IF sampling method for 25 MHz and above”. This means that direct sampling is only for frequencies below 25 MHz, and higher is mixing – conversion to some lower IF. This means that a cheaper ADC 50 MS/s converter was used (according to the Nyquist rule if it samples max 25 MHz). I would like to see a block diagram to form an opinion.

    Mirek SP5GNI

  • In my opinion, signals up to 25 MHz, i.e. up to the 12 m band are sampled directly from the antenna.
    In contrast, the 28, 50, 70, 144 and 432 MHz bands are mixed with the local oscillator to get an IF below 25 MHz – in the ADC conversion range. The width of such IF must be wide enough to be able to watch a sufficiently wide spectrum, I think of 100 kHz or even more.
    IC705 should be cheaper and use less power than IC7300 – replacing the ADC with a slower one handles both of these issues very effectively.
    I am curious when the block diagram will appear on the network to verify my assumptions.
    Mirek SP5GNI

  • Hallo
    is there a antenna tuner?
    Can you make digital modes over the usb?
    If yes it will be my portabel radio
    Hellmuth, DG1BH

  • I think no antenna tuner, not found any info about it.
    It is small radio, probably no place for the tuner, and for 10W output it may be not needed, it is too low power to destroy PA.
    Digital modes – they specify RTTY, I understand that PSK, FT8 etc. should be possible.
    Mirek SP5GNI


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