Author: andrzej

CQWW DX Contest SSB 2021 on QRP

Hello everyone! As you know, I have been promoting QRP for many years, also in competitions. Unfortunately, until 2019, working in low-power competitions did not make sense due to propagation on the upper bands. In 2020 already I returned to QRP at CQWW. Usually, I choose one upper band to sleep at night. And what […]

Terminal for non-contact body temperature measurement

The non-contact body temperature measurement terminal detects people with a fever that may be the result of COVID-19 infection. It has a unique face recognition algorithm, so it can be used to register people suspected of sickness and can be used to verify the identity of people and grant people the right to enter the […]

Winter 2021 in the Karkonosze Mountains

Winter in the Karkonosze Mountains is as picturesque as ever. The 2020/2021 season is different due to covid accommodation and ski bans. Fortunately, driving and hiking are still allowed, so who can go see the beautiful views and breathe the fresh air. The current temperature can always be checked at the Meteo-Karpacz station. Where to […]

ZOOM application for teleconferences

In the era of a pandemic, it is worth not to lose personal contact and conduct meetings using the teleconference applications. One of them is Zoom, which in addition to team conversation, allows you to conduct computer presentations visible to all participants. Until now, zoom has made remote learning easier for all students. Despite the […]

Non-contact body temperature measurement – COVID prophylaxis

The LB-669 thermometric gate is used for non-contact measurement of human body temperature, which allows for the detection of people potentially infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. This stationary medical wall thermometer is fast, hygienic and safe as the measurement is non-contact, maintenance-free and automatic. The result of the measurement with a comment is read out […]

DMR communication in VOT

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is an intensely developing future-oriented amateur FM communication system in 2m and 70cm bands, with unlimited range, in which digital radios cooperate with digital repeaters linked by internet connections controlled by a servers system. Thanks to this, theoretically, if our radio is properly programmed with information about DMR network configuration, we […]

Mini-PC for transceiver

What do the radio hams miss on their radio shack the most? The most lacking is free space for the next lumber, as in the example in the shack of Mark MW0RKB. One of the ugliest and senseless boxes that are waste of space, make noise and draw a lot of expensive electricity, are PCs […]

HackRF with PortaPack – Educational SDR Transceiver for 1 MHz to 6 GHz band

Chinese manufacturers have recently specialized in providing interesting and cheap radio toys, which are clones of open-source projects. An example, next to the recently popular NanoVNA analyzer, is the HackRF micro-transceiver offered with the PortaPack panel, which allows you to conduct various radio experiments. HackRF is a SDR (Software Defined Radio) module that contains transceiver […]