LB-523 WiFi temperature and humidity recorder

Thermo-hygrometer WiFi LB-523
Thermo-hygrometer WiFi LB-523

Thermo-hygrometer WiFi LB-523 is a wireless recorder of relative humidity and air temperature, equipped with a large memory of measurement data. It is powered by batteries (2 x 1.5V AA), rechargeable batteries (2 x 1.2V AA) or an external 5V USB charger. The recorder is equipped with a USB interface (for configuration) and WiFi, allowing the creation of large wireless systems to monitor the microclimate using standard WiFi access points and SCADA LBX software. Thermohygrometer also works with specialized applications for Android smartphones: STORE-LOGGER (monitoring of the microclimate of rooms) and TRANS-LOGGER (temperature monitoring in transport). WiFi thermo-hygrometer is used to control temperature and humidity on production and during transport and storage of products in the pharmaceutical and food industry, in warehouses, in pharmacies, at sanitary-epidemiological station.

More about the LB-523 WiFi hytherograph can be found on the manufacturer’s website LAB-EL.

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