LB-524 GSM Microclimate Recorder

The GSM LB-524 recorder measures: temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and illuminance.
The GSM LB-524 Recorder

The LB-524 GSM Microclimate Recorder is a small, wireless, portable, battery device used to control the conditions prevailing in storage rooms, production facilities or vehicles in which products are sensitive to changes in the microclimate conditions. The recorder measures and records in memory: temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and illuminance. Every established period, the LB-524 recorder switches on the built-in GSM / GPRS module, connects to the server and transmits to the external database a portion of the recently collected measurements. In case of interruptions in GSM communication, the measurements are collected by the recorder memory and sent after re-establishing communication with the database.

For each measurement in the LB-524 GSM recorder there are defined alarm thresholds, exceeding which it activates an additional connection with the database and sends alarm SMS-es to pre-programmed cell phone numbers. The cause of the alarm may also be switching off the external power supply of the recorder, thanks to which it can be used to signal the power outage of devices in the supervised rooms.

More about the LB-524 GSM recorder can be found on the manufacturer’s website LAB-EL.

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