LB-575 Climate Meter: thermometer, hygrometer, barometer,

LB-575 thermohygrobarometer is a portable instrument with battery power supply. The meter may function as well as a recorder. The measurement history may be viewed on the display. It features an alarm signalling function — when a set measurement threshold is exceeded, a sound and display signal is triggered. Measurement results may be frozen on the display. The meter features an auto power off function.

The LB-575 instrument is available in the following versions: LB-575T — thermometer, LB-575P — barometer, LB-575TP — thermobarometer, LB-575TH — thermohygrometer and LB-575THP — thermohygrobarometer. Wireless interface versions (marked with an additional letter B) are compatible with computers and printers equipped with Bluetooth interface.

The LB-575 features a modern construction based on an efficient and power-saving microprocessor controller. On the basis of the known non-linear characteristics of the temperature sensor (Pt1000 thermometer resistor), humidity (thin-layer capacitive sensor) and digital calibration data stored during calibration on the device storage memory, the built-in microprocessor calculates the current measurement results.

LB-575 thermohygrobarometer can be found on the manufacturer’s website LAB-EL.

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