My radio shack

Radio shack – this term does not need to be translated into another language. Every ham knows what this means because he has his own …

Whatever it is, it is everyone’s pride. During contacts, we often wonder – what does our correspondent’s workplace look like?

Below we present an open gallery of “radio shacks” of members of the PZK 73 Virtual Local Branch, as well as members and supporters of the HF5L club. We are waiting for more photos.

1. Marek SP5IXS
2. Mariusz SP5ITI
3. Mirek SP5GNI
4. Adam SP5UFK
5. Piotr SQ5JUP
6. Edek SP5ELW







7. Wojtek SP3U
8. Tadek SP5BBG


9. Włodek HF5WIM
10. Andrzej SP5DDF
13. Michał SP5TAT
12. Wiktor SQ5KWJ


14. Jacek SP5OXJ
11. Marcin SP5IOU
15. Jacek SP5DJ


16. Kamil SP3TYM
18. Zygmunt SP5ELA
19. Zbyszek SP5HHP
20. Marian SP5EWX
21. Marian SP5EWX second QTH
17. Jacek SV9/SQ5BPF
22. Mirek SP5GNI LEO sat shack
23. Marek SP5ISZ second QTH
24. Piotr SQ5JUP second QTH
25. Rafal SQ5OUO


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  • So impressive shacks, it would be interesting to know the stories behind the gears, why this or that radio, what are the experiences and so on. Anyway very very good blog, thanks google that i found it.
    73 es best dx de HA7VU


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