CQ WPX SSB Contest 2018

On March 24-25, we took part in the CQ WPX SSB Contest in the Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter Low-Power category. We used IC-765, we made 304 QSO’s. Operators: Andrzej SP5DDF, Wojtek SP5DPD, Zygi SP5ELA, Mirek SP5GNI, Marek SP5ISZ, Marek SP5IXS and Piotr SQ5JUP.

According to preliminary results, we obtained 143584 points and: 48th place WW, 22th place EU, 3rd place SP. So progress 😉

Above the short film by Piotr SQ5JUP – Zygi SP5ELA shows how to work in contests!

73, Mirek SP5GNI

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