ZOOM application for teleconferences

ZOOM application for teleconferencesIn the era of a pandemic, it is worth not to lose personal contact and conduct meetings using the teleconference applications. One of them is Zoom, which in addition to team conversation, allows you to conduct computer presentations visible to all participants. Until now, zoom has made remote learning easier for all students. Despite the schools closed by the prevailing pandemic, it was the Zoom application that prevented students from being completely cut off from knowledge and contact with their peers from the class.

The Zoom installation is most convenient to do on a laptop, because it has a built-in camera and microphone. On a stationary PC, it is enough to attach the simplest headphones with a microphone. A camera is not necessary, but it makes contact real. Installation is also possible on a smartphone.

Installation of the Zoom application on a PC is presented briefly in the attached manual.

The first time you install the application, you must register with the Zoom system via the website, providing your email address (necessary to receive the registration confirmation, page 3 of the instructions), first name (instead of “Johny B.”) and surname or call sign (instead of “Godde” , page 4 of the manual).

There is a small cog on the top right in the application, with which you can configure and check the operation of the microphone, loudspeaker and camera and set several options, e.g. the background for the “green screen”.

After starting the application and logging in (page 6), you are either the managing host (“New Meeting” option, page 7 of the instructions) or the invited participant (“Join” option). The host sends the participants invitations by email proposing the meeting date and providing the meeting ID and password, which must be entered after activating the “Join” option. Invited participants report and the host individually admits everyone to the meeting. Participation in the meeting is therefore fully controlled and even the mouse will not slip …

Zoom is free, but it has some limitations then. The paid version offers, among other things, additionally encrypted transmission between participants. With Zoom you can freely conduct club meetings, elections of delegates or even  convention of delegates.

We invite you to a Zoom meetings!

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