What’s the deal with this M17?

Many have heard of it, but few know what it is about. And it’s worth knowing. The M17 project is often called the future of digital radio in the global amateur radio community. For Poles, it is a reason to be proud, because the idea was created at the turn of 2018 and 2019 in […]

How to achieve better results by analyzing contest logs

One of the presentations given during CTU Contest University (https://www.contestuniversity.com/) in 2016 was titled: Improving Your Contest Scores Through Log Analysis. The presentation of this topic was prepared and delivered by Valerie NV9L – an American YL, passionate about amateur radio contests. The presentation is available on the CTU website in the Files section. While […]

HF5L/p in IARU SSB R1 Fieldday 2023

It was not possible to gather a team for the CW part in June, but there were several volunteers for the SSB competition on September 2-3, 2023, including: Marcin SP5ES, Andrzej SP5DDF, Mirek SP5GNI and Adam SP5UFK. This time, we chose a fallow, forested plot of land owned by one of our colleagues as our […]

GreenCube (IO-117) satellite and FT991

GreenCube is aimed at demonstrating an autonomous biological laboratory for plants cultivation on-board a CubeSat platform. The satellite project is managed by the S5Lab research team at Sapienza University of Rome https://www.s5lab.space/index.php/greencube-home/. The spacecraft has been launched on 13 July 2022 and it has been deployed in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) at approximately 6000 km […]

HF5L/p in IARU SSB R1 Fieldday 2022

After a compulsory covid break, the HF5L Club reappeared with the Fieldday 2022 SSB contest in the forests of the Bolimów Landscape Park near the Rawka River. This time we organized the stand in a version with a minimum amount of equipment, based only on the FT991 radio, battery power, dipoles on the surrounding tall […]

Meeting with SP5EAQ

On May 19, at the HF5L club location, a social meeting was held, at which Jacek SP5EAQ gave a presentation about the preparations and the realization of his expedition to the Pacific Austral Islands. They belong to French Polynesia but are a separate DXCC (FO-A). Jacek worked on the bands from the Rimatara Island under […]


In March 2021, a revised version of Adalm-Pluto Revision D was released. Version C was identical to version B (without the 2 blue wires). Analog Device has released new information regarding revision D. Since the firmware is the same between revision D and revision C, the firmware identifies and recognizes revision D hardware as revision […]

Organization of the expedition during the pandemic

I have been organizing ham radio expeditions to the South Pacific for over ten years. I go alone or with a few friends. We make several thousand contacts and visit another cool place on Earth. The pandemic stopped everything. The number of trips to the Pacific in the world has decreased almost tenfold. Sanitary regulations […]

CQWW DX Contest SSB 2021 on QRP

Hello everyone! As you know, I have been promoting QRP for many years, also in competitions. Unfortunately, until 2019, working in low-power competitions did not make sense due to propagation on the upper bands. In 2020 already I returned to QRP at CQWW. Usually, I choose one upper band to sleep at night. And what […]

Wireless Communication in Polish Home Army 1939-1945

August 1 is another anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, so important to all Poles. This is an excellent opportunity to present the heroic struggle of the soldiers of the Uprising in terms of military radio technology. Thanks to my colleagues SP3LD and SP3CSD, I learned about Louis Meulstee’s publications on […]